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Sous Vide BBQ Video Series


SousVide Supreme & your grill - the best of both worlds 

Eliminate the guesswork of barbecue cooking and the risk of charred or undercooked food.  With the SousVide Supreme, you will have perfectly cooked, tender meats that can just be finished on the grill for that wonderful barbecue flavor.

The Sous Vide BBQ Video Series ​is a step-by-step guide on how to prepare: Perfect Bacon Burgers, Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Chicken Veggie Kabobs, Ribeye Steaks and even a Margatini cocktail!


MasterChef's Sharone Hakman explains how you can elevate your barbecue repertoire by incorporating sous vide cooking into the process. You can enjoy the company of your guests rather than sweating in front of the grill, plus you know your food will be guaranteed perfectly cooked!

Sous Vide BBQ Bacon Burgers

Juicy, flavorful barbecue bacon burgers with melted cheese and caramelized onions. Mmmm. These are sure fire crowd-pleasers!

View Recipe - Sous Vide Bacon Burgers >

Sous Vide Chicken Veggie Kabobs

Cooking the chicken and vegetables sous vide beforehand allows you to avoid the common problem of charred vegetables or undercooked chicken on the grill. Try out his tasty marinade! An easy, simple meal for everyday or when company is coming.

View recipe - Chicken Veggie Kabobs >

Sous Vide BBQ Ribeye Steaks

Sous vide steak on the barbecue marries the two cooking techniques resulting in perfectly cooked steak with that nice grilled caramalized browning. Simple and delicious.

View recipe - Ribeye Steaks >

Sous Vide Infused Margatini Cocktail

Kick the party off with some refereshing margatini cocktails!  Infuse the alcohol in advance, and serve when your guests arrive. An easy, fun drink with a bit of that gourmet hand-crafted cocktail appeal.

View recipe - Margatini Cocktail >

Grilled Barbecue Chicken Pizza

By cooking chicken breasts sous vide, you know they will always turn out moist, tender and delicious even on their own. For new twist, see how Sharone uses sous vide chicken to create a barbecue pizza!  This would be great served as an appetizer or as a meal.   

View Recipe - Barbecue Chicken Pizza >

Finish on the Grill & Final Plating

Sharone pulls it all together showing how you can serve an assortment of barbecue dishes at all once, with just minimal last minute finishing on the grill. You'll be the barbecue star thanks to your Sousvide Supreme.

View Recipe - Corn on the Cob >

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